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Mason Jar Monday August 18, 2008

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Good Morning!

I am pretty much addicted to browsing Flickr.com anytime that I upload new photos and I came across some images today that were perfect for Mason Jar Monday.  So the photographer gets her credit, here is the link to her Randsburg Ghost Town Collection that I found these pictures in.  Flickr.com doesn’t let you save images from their website so you will have to click here to see this creative use of a mason jar!  Here is another angle.

This inspired me to do some research on DIY mason jars turned light fixtures! These instructions are courtesy of Design Sponge.

mason jar lights

what you’ll need:
-vintage mason jars
-hanging lamp kit with low wattage bulbs (try your local lighting store, home depot or lowes)
-ceiling light plate

1. punch holes in each mason jar lid, large enough to fit the light bulb cords through (appx. 1 inch). as always, be safe and use gloves and a steady hand when punching holes. to punch the hole you can use either a hammer and nails (which you’ll need to then widen for the cords) or a larger tool that you can tap through.

2. unscrew the lid, insert the bulbs into each jar, feeding the cord through the holes in the lid. whitney suggests using a lamp kit that includes tension clasps to keep the bulb from sliding.

3. tighten the lid back on the jar and adjust the bulb to its desired height (using the tension clasps).

4. using a store-bought ceiling light plate- drill holes into the plate to pull all of your cords through (depending on how many jar-lights you will be hanging). pull the lights through, allowing enough cord to hang the lights at your desired height, and then tie a knot at the top to keep them from falling back through the ceiling plate.

5. contact your local electrician to install the lights into your ceiling- we do not suggest trying to install these yourself unless you’re a trained electrician.


3 Responses to “Mason Jar Monday”

  1. brianwurzell Says:

    you need to check out http://promisetangeman.wordpress.com she’s amazing her flickr link is there too!

  2. Bob Berentz Says:

    Very nice site .. I’m just getting into old Mason Jars and old “ERIE” cast iron skillets .. and I grind my own soft spring wheat for the good taste. Silica is in wheat but processed out by modern mills .. and that leads to a lot of health problems. The leading cause of blood vessel and heart problems is not enough silica and wheat has enough to tear up a baler if used only for baling wheat straw for about ten years.

    I noticed that Faith was held as the #1 thing in your lives and I like that. Study Hebrew and look up the ancient root word meanings in the New T. when you have a question about what was being said. Old things COUNT!

    Water – lifting up as from a well, miracle, mark, sign and ensign, covenant as in the rainbow .. and N. saying what must I do .. crawl again into my mother’s womb .. No N. Christ was talking about a child named Moses .. who by faith was placed into the water a slave boy doomed to certain death and “lifted up” as a mose / son of the king.

  3. […] Mason Jar Monday: Who knew mason jars could be used other than a jar contain delightful jams and jellies?? WICKED CREATIVE (can you tell I’m from New England?)!!! […]

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