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Sale Saturday August 23, 2008

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Planter’s Trail Mix .99 cents with Weekly Ad coupon. If you have any leftover Planter’s coupons that could further sweeten the deal.

Trident Xtra Care Sugar Free Gum .99 cents with Weekly Ad coupon minus .75 cents manufacturer coupon from an old Sunday insert= .24 cents

Bush’s Best Baked Beans on sale .99 cents.

Arm and Hammer and Arrid Deodorant on sale for .99 cents with Weekly Ad coupon. If your region had Sunday insert coupons for these it would sweeten the deal!

Mitchum Deodorant on sale for 2.99 minus register rewards= 1.99 minus $1 off coupon found in smartsource.com database= .99 cents

Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Smuckers Squeezable Strawberry Jelly on sale 3/$5 minus Peter Pan $1 off manufacturer coupon from All You Magazine= 3/4 minus $1 off Smuckers Squeezable Jelly from a recent Sunday insert= 3/3 minus a second $1 off coupon either for Peter Pan from All You or $1 off Jelly from insert= 3/2.00 or .66 cents each

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap on sale for .99 cents with Weekly Ad coupon minus .35 off coupon from recent Sunday insert= .64 cents

Jergens 8 pack bar of soap is BOGO with Walgreen’s Weekly Ad coupon equaling 2 packs for 2.49. That is roughly 15 cents a soap bar which isn’t bad plus if you have Jergen’s coupons its even better.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is .69 cents with Walgreen’s Weekly Ad coupon and if you have any leftover Kraft coupons it would be quite the deal.

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil is .89 cents with Weekly Ad coupon minus .25 cents off coupon from an old Sunday insert=.64 cents

Puff’s Facial Tissue is .89 cents with Weekly Ad coupon minus .25 cents off coupon from a recent p&g insert= .64 cents

Dryel Home Dry Cleaning (choice of kit with 4 cloths or 6 pack refill) on sale for 7.99 minus $4 off coupon here= 3.99

Children’s Motrin on sale for 4.99 minus $1 off coupon here= 3.99 minus $1 off coupon in the Kid’s coloring book below (sold at Walgreen’s for .99 cents)= $2.99

Huggies Pull up Training Pants on sale for 9.49 minus 2 register rewards= 7.49 minus $1 Walgreens Instant Value Coupon from Kid’s coloring book (see pic below)= 6.49 minus $2.00 off manufacturers coupon here= 4.49

This coloring book contains $20 in savings in the following Walgreens coupons:

$1.00 Crayola Color Explosion or Color Wonder
$1.00 Gerber Tooth and GUm Cleaner 1.4 oz or No Spill Cup 7 oz
$1.00 Band Aid Adhesive Bandages 20 or 25 pack Licensed Characters or
20 pack ultra assortment
$1.00 Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Powder 22 oz, Lotion 15 oz or
14 oz
$1.00 Childrens Be Kool Gel Sheets
$1.00 Digestive Relief (Gas-X Infant Drops 1oz or 24 ct Maalox Childrens
$1.00 Motrin Pain Relief Childrens Liquid 4 oz, Infant Drops 1 oz, Childrens
Drops .5 oz

$1.00 Tylenol or PediaCareChildrens Cough/Cold Medicien Liquid 4 oz
$1.00 Triaminic (18 ct chews, 14 pack thin strips or liquid 4 oz)
$1.00 Huggies Jumbo Pack Snug N Dry or Supreme Natural Fit Diapers or
Pull Up Training Pants

$5.00 Comfort Scanner Temporal Thermometer
$1.00 FlinstonesChewables or Gummies Multivitamins 60 ct
$1.00 Zooth Licensed Toothbrushes
$2.00 Nix Lice Treatment Liquid 2 oz.
$2.00 PediasureNutripals 4 pack nutrition drink 8 oz or 6 pack nutrition
$1.00 Kids Orajel Plaque Revealing Rinse

All month long

Free after Rebate-

Walgreen’s Soft White Light Bulbs (4 pack)

Living Solutions Vacuum Bags

BioInfusion Organics Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Care

Walgreen’s Pitcher Replacement Filter Cartridge

Jane Be Pure Mineral Makeup

Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo plus Conditioner

Know of a great deal this week that you don’t see listed here? Leave it in my comments box and I will add it to the list. Thanks!


7 Responses to “Sale Saturday”

  1. Audra Krell Says:

    Wow, thanks for doing the work for us. It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Jen Says:

    Not a problem in the least! It is so fun for me to find the deals- what can I say, I’m a geek!

  3. kristen Says:

    I am so excited about the Peter Pan deal!

  4. AJ Says:

    Thanks for posting your deals. I hope you don’t mind, but I put a link to your site on mine. I’m trying to show my readers a photo of the coloring book with the coupons and noone seems to know what it looks like. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Jen Says:

    AJ- I don’t mind one bit, link away! Welcome AJ’s readers!

    Kristen- I am excited too about it because my husband was just asking me this week to buy some “real” peanut butter. I have Smucker’s natural peanut butter at home now and though I like it, he won’t touch it because of the consistency. He is happy for Peter Pan:).

  6. ISpyCoupons Says:

    These are great deals. Thank you for the post!

  7. […] – bookmarked by 5 members originally found by prakash on 2008-09-30 Sale Saturday https://weepingcherries.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/sale-saturday/ – bookmarked by 2 members […]

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