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My Sweet Granddad August 27, 2008

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Thank you so much for praying for my Granddad. He was given a diagnosis of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and things seem to be moving quickly. Our family will be traveling out to be with him this weekend. Today, he is undergoing a procedure that will help drain the bile which is causing him to be jaundiced with considerable pain. If this procedure is successful, he will have a much better prognosis than if it is not. If the procedure isn’t successful, he won’t have much time. I am asking for more prayers for my sweet Granddad. Pray that he has the strength to get through these procedures and is comforted with God’s peace. Please also pray that God does a miracle and brings my Uncle Scott to come see him. I love you Granddad.


2 Responses to “My Sweet Granddad”

  1. Sarah Says:

    We will definitely be praying! Have a safe trip.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I am praying for him, you and all of his loved ones, Jen. Praying that the procedure is a success and that he is comforted. I also pray that you all have a blessed time gathering together this weekend.

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