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Feminine Friday August 29, 2008

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Feminine Friday is hosted by thebarefootmama.com. To participate post:

“An outfit that you own (or a photo of a favorite look) that exhibits your femininity (does not have to be a dress…be yourself!)

A hairstyle, accessory or piece of jewelry that is special and makes you feel beautiful

Something in your home – can be nonwearable, of course – that represents your femininity (it can be anything!!)

An inspiring or thought-provoking article, book review or quotation on any topic related to femininity

Feminine Friday is not about being a cookie-cutter. Share what femininity means to you and how you define modesty, beauty and being a Daughter of the King.”

This week, for feminine friday, I am going to share with you one of my favorite feminine things- tea!

photo courtesy of allposters.com

The art of having tea is one of my favorite feminine traditions. Whether it is a warm Autumn tea with friends, a hot steaming cup by myself with a blanket and good book or a mason jar of sweet iced tea on the porch with a neighbor, I feel every inch a lady.

With Autumn (my favorite holiday) right around the corner, I’ve been rotating the tea collection that I have in the tea caddy to orange spice black teas, pomegranate reds, and cinnamon white teas.

What is your favorite way to do tea?


3 Responses to “Feminine Friday”

  1. Carrie J Says:

    I just wanted to say I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed looking around. Very nice pictures and presentation.

  2. I think having tea is a very feminine thing!

  3. Kelly Says:


    I so love your blog and I so love this post! I adore tea, and my favorite time to take it is autumn. Mason jars with sweet tea is such a great idea! :o) My favorite ways to take tea are with friends in the summer (sweet tea) and then in the cool, crisp mornings while reading to Grace…peppermint tea in winter and french vanilla by Lipton in the fall.

    Have a wonderful week in Jesus, mama!

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