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Feminine Friday September 12, 2008

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hosted by thebarefootmama.com

It’s time, once again for Feminine Friday! To review how to participate,

Kelly at thebarefootmama.com shares:

To participate in Feminine Friday, each Friday simply blog one of the following:

  • An outfit that you own (or a photo of a favorite look) that exhibits your femininity
  • A hairstyle, accessory or piece of jewelry that is special and makes you feel beautiful
  • Something in your home – can be nonwearable, of course – that represents your femininity (it can be anything!!)
  • An inspiring or thought-provoking article, book review or quotation on any topic related to femininity

Feminine Friday is not about being a cookie-cutter. Share what femininity means to you and how you define modesty, beauty and being a Daughter of the King.

This Friday, I want to share an experience/item that makes me feel particularly feminine. I love cooking with my daughter in the kitchen with our aprons on. There is something about putting on an apron that makes me think of all the other women that have donned one in the task of nourishing their families. Yes, an apron’s purpose is to keep your clothes from getting dirty and having handy pockets for items but I think that secretly, the real reason for an apron is to add beauty to an ordinary, everyday task.


3 Responses to “Feminine Friday”

  1. bettycakes Says:

    I agree with your thoughts about the apron I wear one most days especially when I’m baking. I love your blog ( i just found it) and I’m sorry to hear about your Grandad.

  2. Jen Says:

    Thank you Bettycakes. My family and I deeply appreciate all the prayers and condolences that everyone has given. It really feels like God wrapping His arms around us in a time that is difficult.
    On another note:
    Glad to see you here 🙂 and I like your love bears!

  3. Maggie Says:

    Take a look at my Elizabeth in her apron. She is the one wearing the adult sizes. Iam so blessed to have 2 fine children and lucky they want to help me with my site. I stared my website because I love wearing aprons that are pretty , practial and affordable and had a hard time finding ones I liked. Take a look when you have a minute and let me know what you think. Thanks, Maggie http://www.eThoughtfulThings.com

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