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A Poem Revisited September 30, 2008

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I wrote this poem a year ago for my sweet little one- Aralyn. Since Tuesdays are a little slow here at Weeping Cherries, I thought I would post it to hopefully cheer your heart to the magnificent blessing of children :).

At Home with Ara

This is the 20th raisin I’ve picked up today,
and the 3rd and last round of tickle bug I’ll play.
We’ve bounced on the ball,
And counted our toes,
And danced like the fairies
In tiny dress up clothes.
I’ve kissed three boo-boos,
And cleaned two spills,
And named all the birdies
While perched on windowsills.

But now you are sleeping,
So very peacefully,
And its then I start to wonder,
When did I lose me?

At what point did my life become entirely about you?
Perhaps when I saw not one pink line but two.
I transitioned from “Jane Eyre” to “What to Expect”,
And let’s just say my wardrobe has seen some neglect!
I used to wear ribbons tied up in my hair,
Now soggy old cheerios somehow end up there.

And yet even though I struggle not to lose my identity,
I know there’s nothing I’d rather hear than a tiny voice’s “MOMMY!”
And even though I could have picked
A job with much less drama,
This is the job that I love best:
The job of Aralyn’s Mama!


6 Responses to “A Poem Revisited”

  1. Theresa Says:

    What an adorable child (and artistic, too! LOL) I just loved reading your poem. Mad me think back to when mine were young. I miss those days….

  2. ShaybPlus3 Says:

    Hello there how are you? Aralynn is huge! Hope your and your family are well!!!


  3. Jen Says:

    Hi Shay!
    Great to hear from you. How are your little ones?

  4. Richelle F Says:

    Love the poem! So sweet.

  5. kwyman Says:

    Very nice poem and I too have scrubbed “zebra stripes” off my little ones.

  6. Lori Says:

    That was wonderful. I have that same picture done in mascara- it’s one of my favorites!

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