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Feminine Friday October 17, 2008

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Feminine Friday is sponsored by The Barefoot Mama.

First, I must take a few sentences to praise my very praiseworthy husband.  Ara has been sick with a fever for two days now and I was up last night with her.  She ended up sleeping sprawled across my chest which didn’t provide a whole lot of restful snoozing so I was fairly dreading wake up time :).  Little did I know that my husband was going to wake me up with Breakfast in Bed for no other reason than to see me smile.  Sigh…I’ve been sighing and smiling a lot this morning and surprisingly don’t feel a bit tired!

Second, Feminine Friday.  Kelly from the Barefoot Mama requests pregnancy pictures so here we go.  An interesting journey to say the least.

Warning- a few pics show a bare belly.  Which looking back I am not crazy about but they are the only pics I took at that stage.

I think pic above was at 8 months pregnant.

Picture below is my only good pregnancy pic (I was on bed rest and/or catheterized for most of my pregnancy so I really didn’t take many pictures.) Some one pointed out later that a certain finger is sticking down and it looks bad.  I had no clue!  I was just holding my bottle that way.  Goodness I am full of horrible pics to show you today!

Aralyn Elizabeth makes her appearance:

The most beautiful baby I ever laid eyes on.


3 Responses to “Feminine Friday”

  1. Bree Says:

    Oh my! I just love the pictures. Especially of the one of you looking at your girl. How precious! Bare belly shots, in my opinion, are the only way to get a clear picture of how big the belly really is! LOL. So no worries there. 😉

  2. Brynna Says:

    Hopping over from Kelly’s…

    She is just gorgeous! And I love her name!!

  3. Kel Says:


    Seriously, could you be any more adorable?! You are the ultimate preggo! I love your big smile and the belly shots! I have a bunch of bare-bellied ones, too…Brynna can attest, she’s seen them all, LOL!

    Aralyn is a gorgeous doll of a gal. :o)

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