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Mason Jar Monday November 3, 2008

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The mason jar makes a perfect container for an on-the-go sewing kit.  I think this would be perfect to toss in the car for a portable emergency repair pack.  No more worries about ripped seams and popped buttons after a full meal at the Cracker Barrel. Eat away, this kit’s got your back, or stomach as the case may be.

Excerpted from Martha Stewart.com:

“With just a little retrofitting, an old-fashioned Mason jar can become a new sewing kit with a built-in pincushion on top. To begin, separate the lid’s sealer and screw cap. Trace around sealer on cardboard. Using a compass, draw another circle on linen or cotton, 1 inch larger in diameter than the first. Cut out both circles; make cushion by placing batting between fabric and cardboard. Turn screw cap upside down, and apply hot glue to inside edge of rim; quickly press cushion into lid until cloth protrudes smoothly above screw cap’s opening and cardboard is flush against rim. Apply hot glue around edge of cardboard, fold over excess fabric, and press down. Glue top of sealer to cardboard. Fill jar.”


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