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Tales From the Home Keeper November 12, 2008

photo: My Sweet Aralyn Elizabeth at her Uncle Jon’s Wedding

Having a Servant’s Heart

Recently, we’ve been really stressing to Aralyn how we can call on Jesus when we need help. Sometimes she struggles to obey and we talk about how it IS hard to obey when it is something we don’t want to do but we can ask God to help us have an obedient heart. So, she has been talking a lot about God helping her and other people.

This Saturday I woke Ara up and the following conversation occurred:

“Aralyn, it’s time to rise and shine and give God the glory!”

Aralyn rustles around in her covers and stretches tall…

“Ara, today we have a very special way to give God glory. We are going to help our church do some community outreach.”

Ara gives me a confused look.

“We are going to go help a lady who is widowed do some yard work.”

That seemed to strike a chord and she replied,

“Mama, can’t God help her?”

“Well, yes, honey, God is going to help her and us helping with the yard work is just one way He is going to do so.”

I’m glad she is understanding that she should go to God for help but I could tell from her tone that we need to reinforce what it means to have a servant’s heart ;).

So many times I find myself asking the same question. Maybe not as bluntly as my two year old daughter but the same question all the same.

Yes, she just had a new baby Lord, but I hardly have food enough to feed my family let alone bring their family a meal. (Can’t YOU help her God?)

Yes, our friends are struggling with a death in the family but I wouldn’t know what to say to comfort them, and besides by the time a card would reach them it really wouldn’t help that much would it? (Can’t YOU help them God?)

No, our neighbors don’t know You Lord but the man has a horrible temper and I am afraid to even speak with them. (Can’t YOU reach them God?)

I would like to think that I jump on every opportunity to serve others and give glory to my Lord, but I have to admit that I fall short way too often. Perhaps I need to re-look at what it truly means to have a servant’s heart as well. Perhaps we all do.


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