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Mason Jar Money (a little belated) February 10, 2009

Filed under: Mason Jar Monday — Jen @ 2:58 pm


Scripture Jars

Hey everyone. I’m a little behind on Mason Jar Monday as we had some blood test adventures yesterday and it slipped my mind. Here is an idea that could be used with mason jars as a centerpiece on you dinner table. Pick one to read and discuss each night with the kiddos. I’m not crazy about the tags in this picture but it is really personal preference not conviction as I steer away from gimmicky sayings like “a scripture a day keeps the devil away” but like the idea of a scripture jar by itself.

I try not to post boring things like health issues here online but if you think about it this week keep me in your prayers as I go through some tests today and tomorrow. Have a super week and I will be back Thursday for “Tales from the HomeKeeper”


2 Responses to “Mason Jar Money (a little belated)”

  1. Shay B Says:

    Hope everything is okay Jen. Anything serious?

  2. Miss Jocelyn Says:

    That is a neat idea! I pray everything is going well for you!

    Miss Jocelyn

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