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Tales From the HomeKeeper February 16, 2009

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Potty Training and Other Exciting Adventures


This week is the first week in over a year that Aralyn has expressed any interest whatsoever in potty training.  She’s pooped once and peed once. (Sorry if that is TMI) But seriously, do any experienced potty training Mommy’s out there have any tips for potty training a child who is only interested in going if she sees a friend going?  At home if we go to take a potty break she screams like she’s being tortured.  Other times she asks to go and says what a big kid she is and asks to wear the underwear.  The underwear doesn’t motivate her though because when I say she has to go potty in the potty to get to wear underwear she asks for a diaper instead.  I am not too worried about it as I know all children eventually are interested and potty train at some point.  I really don’t want to push it on her and I’m really not a fan of bribing methods but diapers are expensive and at almost three years old, I would like to at least get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Other exciting adventures this week include a bunch of medical tests which cost a lot and revealed very little.  Nothing too serious, I just need to keep an eye on certain hormone levels.  Ara absolutely LOVED the doctors that drew my blood.  She got stickers from them and got to play with the stethoscope at the OB- which was probably the highlight of her week.

We also went to spend some time with a widow that our church helps out on Saturday which involved lots of  extremely interesting conversations.  She has been having some mental issues that cause her to stray way off topic to crazy subjects of conversation at times.  It broke my heart to see a woman who has an amazing recollection of scripture and can rattle off just about any bible verse you would want all of a sudden start talking about how she has good karma and would be reincarnated.  You can keep this widow in your prayers.  My husband helped outside with a team of men to tear down a shed that the city issued a citation for.  It was so fun for Ara and I to go out every now and then and see their demolition progress.  They all put in a  lot of hard work while she and I had the privilege of just loving on the widow and her daughter inside in the warmth.

Happy Birthday to my Dad whose birthday was this past Wednesday!  I love you ever so much Dad!


Dad and Me on my Wedding Day

That’s about all for us this past week other than my much needed computer break.


One Response to “Tales From the HomeKeeper”

  1. Jo Ann Says:

    Hi Jen –

    I found some helpful tips on the Prayer of Hanna blog for potty training. I think you would enjoy them if you don’t visit yet. Glad to hear nothing is serious with the health stuff. And lastly, that picture is absolutely beautiful of you and your dad!

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