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Tales From the HomeKeeper March 16, 2009

Filed under: Home,Tales From the Home Keeper — Jen @ 8:21 pm

A little girl’s very first french braid is a very momentous occasion.  We had a special girl’s night that started with a watermelon bubble bath for Ara followed by crisp, white nightgown trimmed with lace for a night so warm you could leave the windows open :).  Then we did her hair up in her very first french braid and talked girl talk, and read two special books before bed.  Here are a few pictures of her hair.  She was also standing on top of her bunk bed waiting for me to get the books with her foot up on the shelf and it looked so much like ballet that I snapped some pics.  Here you go!



3 Responses to “Tales From the HomeKeeper”

  1. Ara's MiMi Says:

    Ara DOES look like a beautiful ballerina. WOW! I love each picture so much but especially the close up profile and the standing and smiling pose. OH my!

  2. thegoodsbeautifulnoise Says:

    Beautiful!! I love french braids and it looks really pretty on Aralyn. Can you believe her hair is long enough for that? How fun! Gotta love girl time. I’m very thankful that God blessed me with girls. I had to have at least one to do those fun girly things with. 🙂

  3. Jen Says:

    I know! It doesn’t seem like her hair should be long enough for a french braid already but it is! I love girl time!

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