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Spring at Weeping Cherries April 17, 2012

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Happy Spring to You!

Here is a photo post so you can see what we have going on around here:


We got a family (new to us) piano and Ara began taking lessons.  She loves to teach her friend Sophie and brother her new songs!


We learned about herbs with our friend Mason and planted this year’s herb garden.



Learned about propagating herbs and have been layering and dividing until now the 8×8 bed looks like this:


We studied wildflowers and then took a nature hike with Nana,


and speaking of Nana, my older two got to go to Silver Dollar City on a trip with Nana and Papa!


Let’s see, what else??? We made our first batch of Apple Mint Tea of the season


and Anna and Ruth learned to read


 Just Kidding!  But aren’t they cute with their books?!

Ara has been hooping

James loves all things turtles

And the girls especially like barrel rolling and squealing!

We had a wonderful Easter and got to see the kids’ great grandparents for brunch!

The kids weren’t crazy about pictures but they loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa Great and Gigi!

My beautiful Ara

Mama’s handsome boy

Mama’s sweet Ruth (I think)

And Mama’s sweet Anna

I hope your Spring has been wonderful too!


One Response to “Spring at Weeping Cherries”

  1. thegoodsbeautifulnoise Says:

    Lots of fun things going on around your house! I just love seeing all those sweet faces of your little ones! Can’t believe how fast they grow. 😦

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