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Mason Jar Monday February 16, 2009

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Be sure and read on for this week’s backtracked new posts underneath including: Tales from the HomeKeeper, Psalm and Praise Saturday and Walgreen’s Deals.


Mason Jar Eggs

This mason jar idea found at Ideas in Food.

They write:  I wish I could say this technique or idea is ground breaking and world changing.  It is not.  Rather, this is a great and simple way to prepare coddled eggs for one or one hundred guests, where the eggs are perfectly cooked, flavored and will stay warm while the guest eats them.  In this simple preparation, we cooked the eggs in a 63.8 degree C (156 degree F) water bath for one hour and fifteen minutes.  The eggs were seasoned with salt, truffle oil and a knob of butter.  We served it simply with grilled toast though a warm mushroom and asparagus stew spooned over the eggs would be equally smashing.



Mason Jar Money (a little belated) February 10, 2009

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Scripture Jars

Hey everyone. I’m a little behind on Mason Jar Monday as we had some blood test adventures yesterday and it slipped my mind. Here is an idea that could be used with mason jars as a centerpiece on you dinner table. Pick one to read and discuss each night with the kiddos. I’m not crazy about the tags in this picture but it is really personal preference not conviction as I steer away from gimmicky sayings like “a scripture a day keeps the devil away” but like the idea of a scripture jar by itself.

I try not to post boring things like health issues here online but if you think about it this week keep me in your prayers as I go through some tests today and tomorrow. Have a super week and I will be back Thursday for “Tales from the HomeKeeper”


Mason Jar Monday February 2, 2009

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This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day coming up for Grandparents, teachers, close friends etc. From Sugar Bush Kids website:


  • Glass Jar (Clear..Interesting shape is best)
  • Cut Magazine pictures of flower or some other theme or tissue paper.
    • Old Kid’s photos works well too, use the ones that did not turn out quite right and cut out what you want
    • Great way to use up your small pieces of left over wrapping paper (Christmas, Birthday, Shower…)
  • Modge-podge or white glue that dries clear
  • Acrylic Craft Varnish


  • Glue pictures onto the glass jar in a hap-hazard mosaic with pictures facing out. Cover sides of jar completely and let dry.
  • Cover jar with Acrylic craft Varnish to seal and shine (Easy alternative to varnish …just use more white craft glue that dries clear)
  • Fill with dried flowers


Mason Jar Monday January 26, 2009

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I love this scrabble letter’s mason jar idea shared by The Homespun Heart.  She writes, “I can’t wait to get home and re purpose my Scrabble game into one of these little message boards!”mason-jar-monday2

What a creative idea to put the tiles of a scrabble board into a mason jar and set out the tray to leave messages or inspiration!  I love it!

Happy Mason Jar Monday!


Mason Jar Monday January 19, 2009

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Mason Jars as Biscuit Cutters

(Shown here for cutting pastry dough but can be used for biscuits also)

Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe

2 cups of self rising flour

(I’ve heard from multiple sources that White Lily Flour is the best as it is winter soft wheat and tastes the best)

1/3 cup of shortening

2/3 cup of buttermilk

melted butter

1. Combine flour and shortening.

2. Add in buttermilk and mix for approx. 1 minute.

3. Roll out to about 3/4- 1 in thickness and cut with your mason jar.

4.  Bake at 450 for about 8 min.

5. Brush tops with melted butter.

6. Enjoy!



A Very Merry Mason Jar Monday December 15, 2008

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Mason Jar Lid Ornaments


So, what are we to do with the lids to the mason jars we make into candle holders?
Turn them into ornaments!

Pick whatever image you want to make an ornament of.  Take the inside lid and trace it over the image to cut the perfect size.  Hot glue the image onto the lid and then hot glue that inside the ring and tie a ribbon or some other prettiness around the outside ring.

Here are some examples I found in a google search:




And some without the outer ring:




A Very Mery Mason Jar Monday December 8, 2008

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Winter Wonderland

Country Living Magazine has a great resource for homemade Christmas decor here.  This was one idea that I came across that reminds me of the song, “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland”.  Here are the directions:

“Create a cobweb candle holder with wire, beads, and a glass jar — a Mason or yogurt jar will work well. Start at the top, and make a wire loop around the jar lip. Thread beads on this loop; twist ends to secure. Fasten another wire to this loop, and begin to crisscross the jar surface with wire. To create a cobweb effect, alternate plain wire with wire threaded with beads. Loop wire once at each juncture, to hold web in place. Insert small candle.”