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Mason Jar Monday September 22, 2008

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This amazing idea for housing kitchen herbs comes to us from Better Homes and Gardens.  I thought it appropriate to share this Mason Jar Monday because it is not only a great idea for mason jars, it is also a great way to keep an herb garden during the coming cold months.

From the BHG website,

“Vintage mason jars are the ideal containers for a kitchen herbarium. They’re inexpensive and attractive, especially on a sunny windowsill, and will provide you with a year’s supply of fresh seasonings.

Almost any herb can be started from seed in a mason jar. Chive, thyme, and rosemary are excellent choices. For each, follow package instructions and keep soil warm, moist, and in full light until seeds have germinated. When they outgrow their space, you can cut them as needed, or transplant them into a larger container or into the garden.”

One reader suggests that these potted plants would make excellent Christmas gifts with a festive ribbon tied around the neck of the jar.  What a wonderful inexpensive gift!


9 Responses to “Mason Jar Monday”

  1. Dearborn USA Says:

    What are the layers inside? I think I see pebbles, soil, and more pebbles at the top. Is there a reason for the pebbles on top? Thanks!

    • Alex Says:

      So the bottom layer is “activated charcoal” it absorbs water and releases it over time, often used in terrariums. Then soils then rocks to help keep the water down in the soils. It doesn’t need oxygen because its a self sustaining cycle. 🙂

  2. Csilla Grnja Says:

    Great idea! ❤ this!

  3. flyfishbrat Says:

    I love this idea, thanks for sharing. I live in South West Indiana and am only able to grow my herbs outside from June until October. So I freeze everything I can in hopes of making it through the Winter and early Spring. I am going to try this method, hoping I will have fresh grown herbs year round. Thank you again.

  4. Meghan Says:

    How do they get oxygen?

  5. my mother-in-law brought up the question of drainage… how do you keep the soil from going bad?

  6. jean Says:

    Great idea! I love the idea of growing my favorite herbs indoors in the winter.It brings life back into winter. Thank you

  7. […] for a contained garden?  Why don’t you make a herb garden inside mason jars?  That is what Weeping Cherries did with her […]

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