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Mason Jar Monday February 27, 2012

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Oh my goodness!  I came across these DIY mason jar votives and they are beautiful.  I don’t know that I would even use them as votives, I think I would rather stuff them full of spring wildflowers but that’s just me.  The end result is the same beautiful, fabric lined jars.  So, head over there today to whip up a great mason jar craft that has the spring fever in me in full force!


Grand Intentions and The New Normal February 23, 2012

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So I had grand intentions of, at the very least, relaunching Mason Jar Monday and What’s Cookin’ Wednesday. Then my twins started teething… They are now the proud owners of two (2 each) very tiny, shiny, white teeth poking through their tender gums which they worked (and cried) very hard on.
I was talking with the ladies that I meet with for prayer about how in life, often, we are just waiting for that next milestone. My friend Crystal is awaiting the birth of her second little one and I, well, I keep thinking that I can’t wait for things to get back to normal. As in organized, less chaos, more time for homeschool, less time up in the nights, and feeling a little more sane. My friend Katie said something awhile back though that I recalled as we were discussing these things and her words popped into my head, “Jen, I think this IS the new normal for us”. Hmm… I think she’s right. Crazy is my new normal and you know what? I am starting to think it might be an even better place to be at then I was before. Certainly, in terms of our family growing with two new bundles of sweetness- it is a better place; but even the insanity and daily crying out to God for a less fuzzy brain is a better place to be because it is bringing me into a place of constant communication with Him. That is a place I want to be. Sometimes, pretwins, I had the tendency to think I had things figured out. To rely on my own abilities and strengths. My weaknesses and inadequacies were still there, to be sure, but they weren’t ever present before my eyes the way they are now.

In the smidget of time that I have available this morning on my husband’s day off I will do my very best to write and cue up some scheduled blog posts so that you have something to read around here. In the meantime, feel free to search my archives and thank you for the grace you give me when I am much less frequently on here because, well, life happens. I am making my way through responding to comments and emails sent to me the past six months or so that I am behind on so you may have replies soon to things you forgot you even asked because its been so long :). Have a super rest of your week and know that I do appreciate all the letters and comments even though I am not quick in responding.