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Feminine Friday August 8, 2008

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Welcome to the first Feminine Friday, hosted by thebarefootmama.com! Today’s challenge was to:

Share something that defines femininity or makes you feel feminine in the world around you – nothing on you or in your house. With only those restrictions, the rest is up to you! Photos are welcome but not required, and you can always post your regular “Feminine Friday” ideas or shares (how can I resist sharing a dress? :o) in addition to this challenge or in place of it if you’d like.

Aralyn and I like to take flower walks. There is a large field near our townhouse and along the edges of the field are tons of blue, white and purple wildflowers. We pick bunches of our favorites along with a few dandelions and clovers for Ara’s flower arrangement which sits on her little table on the porch.

The wildflowers make a slightly bigger arrangement for the kitchen table. To me, there is nothing more simple and feminine than a wildflower walk. What about you?